You’ve received the following request from MIRKO VESTITO.

Hi Leo,
I love your style and your design. I want to row on the wonderful Adriatic sea with your coastal rowing boat: do you think it is possible?
Please give me your best price and I'll wait for you here in Giovinazzo, in Puglia near Bari, in southern Italy.
Thanks for your attention!

Request Details:

Request ID: rroOk3
Configurator: Leo C1X
Product C1X

User Selections:

  • Hull color
    • Pink – Ral 4003
  • Stripe 1
    • Blue
  • Stripe 2
    • Green
  • Stripe 3
    • White
  • Stripe 4
    • Red
  • Arch 1
    • Green
  • Arch 2
    • White
  • Arch 3
    • Red
  • Exclusive carbon seat
    • Yes
  • Quick release rigg
    • Yes
  • Active Tools Rowing shoe
    • Yes

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Customer Details:

Phone +393398453270

Additional Info:

The boat will be used for Private
Club name
Country Giovinazzo
State Italy