C1X Coastal Single

Leo C1X is a coastal rowing boat which has a wonderful boat feeling, rowing ergonomics in all type of water conditions in the sea or lake. C1X is designed to optimize speed through the waves and with significant surfing performance with the waves/ following sea. Conforms with FISA standard e.g. self-bailing. The Leo boats are recognized world wide by the great speed & safety feeling with easy maneuvering compared  with all other coastal boats.

C1X is built to withstand tough waves in the sea but also excellent for rowing in the archipelago or lake. The design language, body lines and the unique color scheme is designed to produce as clean and stylish design as possible and with high freedom of choice of color for customer.

The C1X are made in, Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP). VIP is a technique which are environmental and worker friendly process with no emissions as it’s a closed process.

Designed and developed in Sweden – for Coastal Rowers by Coastal Rowers. Layout and design by Johan Wirsén and Mats Leo.

C1X Versions

The Leo C1X is available in the standard GRP (Glas Fiber Reinforced process) and in Carbon fiber.
The Carbon fiber version gives you a lighter and stiffer boat.

Design your own C1X

In our online configurator you can design your own boat!

About the boat

  • Lenght: 5.89 m
  • Beam: 0.75 m
  • Weight: 35 kg (Carbon fiber version 30 kg)
  • Brackets for safety 15 m rope in the front.
  • Equipped with a waterproof compartment for valuables.
  • 3 places with bungees for storing, life jacket, clothes and water bottle.
  • Standard foot stretcher with heel cups and neoprene velcro straps


  • Quick release rigg. (See video below)
  • Aramid/kevlar keel strip in front and under front keel is available to protect hull from damages against stones, beach or collision when landing.
  • Exclusive carbon seat with wide holes.
  • Rowfit Foot stretcher, angle feet adjustment, easy to take out and of.
  • Shoes, Active Tools Shoes or Racing shoes.

Download a PDF with all the info here:


Peter Berg

The Leo C1X boat is a great boat designed by coastal rowers for coastal rowers. We have really focused on getting a great rowing dynamic which both gives you a great feeling and also enables you to get 100% of the power you put in. The boat is a great row on flat water, but it is in rough water the Leo truly shines. It´s excellent in waves both in terms of stability, but most important it terms of speed.