Leo Coastal Rowing Single C1X new design. We have put all our experience from racing and feed back from top rowers and customers when we designed the Griffin. Griffin is a designed for top rowers and competition with a more narrow hull and with flange joint design which give a more optimized hull.

For rower who wants the best!

  • Optimized lenght, 5, 96 cm
  • Hull with Rocker profile with optimized water line.
  • Great turnablity at turningbuoys, significant for all Leo C1X.
  • With Reverse back wing rig in stiff and light aluminium with C cup + Concept 2 Oar lock. This  give the rower full strong freedom at  catch and a very responsive power delivery  through out the whole stroke and release.
  • Carbon seat with wide holes

Griffin is designed to optimize the speed, breaking through the waves and with significant surfing performance with the waves/tail wind sea.

Mid ship & front hull section is built to withstand trough waves in the sea, but also fast in all other sea/ water conditions.

Focus to keep the stability for the rower when sea is harsch and choppy. 

High focus at the design language, body lines.

Standard color white boat. In Carbon version the deck arrow with celar coat and visible exclusive Carbon twill.

The Griffin logo on the deck give you the feeling,  confidence  of power and racing.

  • Rowing ergonomics, with extra leg room for the calves & legs. Leo signifiants, excellent with high attention for a wonderful rowing feeling & rowing ergono

    Specifications: Made in Vacuum infusion process.

    Conforms with FISA Coastal Rowing Regulations

    • Lenght: 5.96 m
    • Beam: 0.75 m
    • Self-bailing boat
    • Weight: 35 kg Glasfiber& Soric ® ( Grp),

    Carbon fiber version 30-31 kg + weight too add in when racing

    • Front cleat & safety 15 m rope in the front.
    • Load net for life jacket
    • Inpection lid at deck for carrying small water proof bag for belongings, e.g. mobil & keys
    • Water bottle holder
    • Bungee for clothes.
    • Standard foot stretcher with heel cups and neoprene velcro straps.


        • Rowfit Foot stretcher, with angle feet adjustment, easy to take out and of .
        • Shoes, Active Tools Shoes or Racing shoes.
        • Keel strip in Aramid
        • Special color & stripes

        Designed and developed in Sweden – for Coastal Rowers by Coastal Rowers.

        Layout and design by Lars Levin & Mats Leo.

        Rowing Ergonomis: The 2 time C2X World champions, Eskil Borgh & Dennis Gustavsson.

        Download a PDF with all the info here:

        Some of the color options we can offer.