Leo Coastal was founded by Mats Leo, who lives for the sport of coastal rowing. The business is run by his consulting firm Leo Solutions AB.

The company is based in Helsingborg where Mats is rowing at the Öresund on a weekly basis.

Mats is  a pioneer of coastal rowing in Sweden and nordic countries with the Helsingborg Rowing Club, which is the leading coastal rowing club in Scandinavia for Coastal Rowing. Coastal Rowing was introduced 2007 at Helsingborg Rowing Club.

SM Hjelmsjön, 1976

Short background

  • Started rowing 1971, competion rowing career, 1972-1984.
  • Youth trainer 1984-1985 + secretary at Helsingborg Rowing Club
  • Chairman of Helsingborg Rowing Club, 2008-2016
  • Arranged coastal Rowing races, 2009-2014 together with the Helsingborg Rowing Club and with final top event WRCC 2013 in Helsingborgas as Event manager.
  • Member of FISA’s comittee, 2011-2016, Row for All, Coastal rowing.
  • Board member at Hjälmsjö Arena, Rowing stadion. 2009-2018.

Mats has has competed in the World Coastal Rowing Championships at San Remo 2008 with result third place B Final.

Event manager WRCC 2013

In his professional life, Mats has a background in industry. He has worked for companies such as Volvo Cars, Semcon Industrial Management and Sony Ericsson Mobile, where he developed his cutting-edge expertise in sourcing, procurement, production and quality control. This contributed towards his wide-ranging experience and knowledge of the process of developing new products, from the initial concept design right through to development and manufacture.

The first Leo C1X was developed 2011 and with that the company Leo Coastal Rowing. The success of the C1X has lead to the development of the C2X and the updates of the boats over the years.

Designed and developed in Sweden, for Coastal Rowers – by experienced Coastal Rowers.