Some words from our users

Miguel Carvalho, Lisbon Portugal

I couldn’t be more happy with my Leo C1X, stable in trouble waters swift in flat river,  comfortable and easy to mantain, it was  the best solution for my independent sculling at Tejo river in Lisbon.

Miguel Carvalho, Lisbon Portugal

I couldn’t be more happy with my Leo C1X, stable in trouble waters swift in flat river,  comfortable and easy to mantain, it was  the best solution for my independent sculling at Tejo river in Lisbon.

Gerhard Ter Maat, Neetherlands

Leo C1X is a great boat. Either rowing races, marathons or touring. When I bought the C1X an extra large hatch (25cm) was added by Leo Coastal  for my multi day rowing trips. You can stow a lot of gear in the bow section and the boats balance is still ok. The only downside is that you loose a bit of speed. But hey, you’re touring, not racing. In may 2016 I took the boat for a 2 week rowing trip on the Waddenzee, following the Dutch and German Waddenisles. For this trip I modified the boat with a compas, GPS, a tablet for seacharts, extra oars, etc. In total extra weight of aprox. 50 kg. The boat performed great. Very stable and mannouverable as unloaded. ”

When not touring I row twice a week all year round on a stretch of canal in Holland to keep fit. The stability an maneuverability properties are noticed by the Dutch flat water skullers who don’t row when it is cold and windy.

In my eyes the C1X is not just a great coastal rowing boat. It is a multi purpose rowing boat for a broad range type of rowers and waters.

Peter Berg, Sweden

The Leo C1X boat is a great boat designed by coastal rowers for coastal rowers. We have really focused on getting a great rowing dynamic which both gives you a great feeling and also enables you to get 100% of the power you put in. The boat is a great row on flat water, but it is in rough water the Leo truly shines. It´s excellent in waves both in terms of stability, but most important it terms of speed.

Halvard Toften, Norway

For many years I have used various rowing competition, fitness and outdoor activities. After spending model Vagabond Row for a few years, I wanted  a faster coastal rowing. I looked at the various racing boats, and friends in Norway Roforbund recommended model C1X Leo Coastal. Therefore I have set in order, and drove almost 1500 km mother south to the ship, south of Oslo, and brought my one back home!

Use and experience
With the Leo C1X Can I’m rowing almost every day. The sites were Trondheimsfjorden, Salten, most Sorfold fjord from Røsvik and Sjunkhatten National Park – and the fjords and the open sea north of Vesterålen.

First it was unusual that the boat has barely begins stability, but this is just a matter of few days to getting used to. But the quality of the experience of actual rowing roof was amazing! The boat speed that I had not experienced before, but I felt that the goal of all for me in and rowing voted for me. After a while I ventured out into the breakers. It was a wonderful experience. When the waves reached back, I went to – and I could surf the wave at high speed. Here is the boat designed fully as it best!

Tough waves waves, no problem but I felt that demands more technically from me.

As a competition boat it’s also absolutely perfect. Yes, I can hardly thinking of a better racing coastal boat than this!

Lars Gumprecht, Spain

I have many experiences with rowing and I can say that the best was the World Championship in Helsingborg, Sweden. It was when I started my “relationship” with my boat Leo C1X. I had trained for this race with other boats, but when I tried it in the warm up trainings, I knew if I raced with that boat I would win, and I wasn’t mistaken, I did. Since then, I have won many races with my boat and contended in international competitions at the highest level. It makes me confident due to its stability in bad water conditions. It allows me the maximum efficiency at rowing and it also allows me take advantage of all my skills and physical strength. Besides, visually, I love the design. It is my “Black pearl”.

Renee Christin Røyneland, Norway

Under World Coastal Championship in Helsingborg in 2013 I tested a Leo coastal boat, and fell in love with this boat.

Thereafter I was in contact with Mats by Leo Coastal and got the opportunity to become an owner of a  boat.

I drove from Kristiansand, Norway and down to Helsingborg, Sweden to bring home the boat shortly after.

My Leo boat has worked well both in freshwater and at sea. It is incredibly stable in waves, and sitting well her in. The front door, is straightforward to get with some food, a thin jacket and otherwise else one might have with him.

I have attached a GPS on wing rigger  and can constantly monitor the speed, and it’s easy to get good speed on the boat.

It is a wonderful way to train and get around on the sea ☺ My club, Kristiansand rowing club has also purchased a Leo CX1 and CX2, which club members are satisfied with.