Leo C1X and C2X, Carbon fiber versions

With the Leo C1X boat made in Carbon fiber you get a boat which provide less weight and increased stiffness for more reponsive and powerful strokes.
Weight: 29-30 kg, delivered with sandbags for reaching FISA classified weight of 35 kg when racing.
Customers during 2019 praised the Carbon version, it’s higly appreciated.
You will feel the difference when pulling hard and see the speed increasing. Less effort on long distance rowing as the boat ”just ” flows away” , a wonderful feeling.

Carbonfiber version are made with
Vacuum infusion technique: Soric ® , 100 % Carbon/vinylester Epoxi.

Optional: Quick-release rigger system.

About the boat

Conforms with FISA Coastal Rowing Regulations
Lenght: 5.84 m
Beam: 0.75 m
Weight: 29-30 kg

Brackets for safety rope, 15 m,  in the bow.
Equipped with a waterproof compartment for valuables
Bungees for storing, life jacket, clothes and water bottle


Aramid/kevlar keel strip in front and under front keel is available to protect hull from damages against stones, beach or collision at pontoon when landing

  • Fully adjustable foot stretcher, Rowfit.
  • Shoes for racing, easy to take of and dry or different sizes. Batlogic system with Nike rowing shoes.
  • Wide seat  with big holes, excellent carbon quality design & look. Height settings in three positions.

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