Every year we are present at many coastal rowing events and regattas.
If you miss us at any event let us know and we will try to help you out.

Test your Leo Coastal boat at Kullakajak.

With Kullakajak you will experience the amazing nature of the Kullaberg!

Test or rent the Leo Coastal boats and enjoy the great sea and Kullaberg mountain from sea point of view. An ideal short tour is from the Mölle Harbor and along the beautiful coast line and to the Light house at the Kullaberg cliffs.

Try also Kulla kayaks, they  are  ideal choice when to see the seals, porpoises, birds or beautiful rocks. We offer guided tours and rentals of: kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and fatbikes,

More informatin can be found here: http://kullakajak.se/

Upcoming events 2019

  • SRCC 2019, 29-30 June, Ribersborg Malmö Sweden
  • Pirka City Coastal, 24 Km race.
  • Dutch Coastal Tour race
  • Danish Coastal Championship 2019
  • Norway Coastal Rowing Championship 2019
  • Distanskapprodden 2019, Vaxholm
  • World Rowing Coastal Champion Ship, WRCC 2019, Hong Kong, 1st-3rd November.

Past events

  • SRCC 2018, Helsingborg , Sweden
  • World Rowing Coastal Championships, WRCC 2017 Thonon Les -Baines, France
  • WRCC 2016, Monaco.
  • Blackburn Challenge Race 2016, Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA
  • WRCC 2015, Lima, Peru
  • WRCC 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • WRCC 2013, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • WRCC 2011, Bari, Italy
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