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Perfecting your rowing stroke requires thought and experience.
It’s a question of matching the right oars to the boat, compared with
traditional single boats used for competitive racing and keeping fit. Since the
Coastal Single C1X is heavier than the average boat, the blade and oar need to be the optimal
length to suit the oarsman. We have tested a couple of top oars from the US company Dreher,
which manufactures oars and rowing accessories in highest carbon fiber prepreg manufacturing.
The sculls are made from carbon fiber and have an excellent finish and design, just like the boat!

One pair is designed for fitness rowers who want a classic design in the style of a “Big Blade”. These sculls, however, have smaller sized blades, which enables you to achieve a quick and effective pull-through. Whether you are rowing on the open sea, in an archipelago or on a lake, the lightweight carbon fiber shaft, which has a fixed
length and is on the medium-soft side, ensures that you can row efficiently.
The sculls have a fantastic, comfortable feel and a simple,
classic “Big Blade” look.

The other pair is intended for top fitness rowers or elite rowers who want to get the best and the most out of their rowing and are really keen on coastal rowing. As Coastal Single C1X heavier than usual light "narrow" boats require blade and shaft length that can handle these conditions for the rower in an optimal way. We have carefully tested out a couple of top sculls from Braca Sports, with the highest quality and which took gold in WRCC2013. The price is very
competitive and gives very excellent price worthy sculls for money! The scull, the Double Wing
blade design, UL shaft with adjustable rubber grip handle + -4 cm. The Ultralight shaft / stiffness
medium, is built of carbon fiber and has an excellent part quality and design which matches the
boat perfectly! They are very stable, lightweight and through out the whole stroke...
We can also offer another blade design with another shaft, based upon your needs.

You can find more information about the oars at

Trolley for boat
We recommend Egalis trolley for rolling your boat from the boathouse to the sea.


You should always wear an inflatable life jacket in the periods before and after the peak season when the water is cold. We recommend that you always wear an inflatable life jacket in water temperatures below 15 degrees. It is therefore very important that the jacket fits well and is short, so that your hands do not get caught in it at the end of the stroke. We have found that Baltic Flyfisher extra-short life jackets work the best and are also comfortable to wear. More information on life jackets from Baltic Fly Fisher


For coastal rowing it is best to use lighter shoes. We recommend beach boots; shoes designed both for taking walks on the beach and for swimming and water sports. These shoes are light and flexible with a rubber sole, neoprene supports and mesh sides. More information


Out at sea, the sun is strong and the light is reflected by the water. It is therefore a good idea to protect the eyes with a pair of well-fitting sports sunglasses. We recommend Polarizing Multisport from Sunmate. These striking sunglasses are suitable for use in multisport, coastal rowing, climbing, fishing and kayak paddling. The sunglasses have a polarizing effect and are hard-wearing. More information

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