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The C1X was designed with a large focus
on both form and function. The goal was to
develop an elegant sleek design combined
with maximal technical innovation.

The team of developers placed special focus on improving

the sea worthiness of the boat to handle both waves and

swells in rough seas. In order for this to occur, the volume of

the fore was increased making the boat able to ride through the

waves and avoid diving into waves. The boats hull form and attributes

such as a longer stern and trim of hull surfaces are designed to optimize

the boats “surfing” capability in following seas.

The rower’s ergonomic position was also a key development point. The positioning of

the seat in relation to the foot stretcher is optimized so taller rowers or rowers with a

long over body can achieve a comfortable sit position. This is all done to make the rowing

experience as effective and comfortable as possible.

The design process began with an analysis of the current models on the market. This was done not
only to map what boats were available but also what the market was missing and customers wanted.

Based on this an initial design was developed, which laid the foundation for a 3D scale model of the boat. 

From the 3D model a “plug” was milled in full scale. The plug is comprised of the boat with a hull and top deck.  These pieces are then molded together. Finally, the hull is cut from the plug with extreme precision, to create an exact copy down to 1/100th of a millimeter.

When the boats hull has taken shape, the two parts comprising it are fine sanded. They then get a basecoat and topcoat of paint which is polished to a high gloss. The final stage involves formation of the boat itself when both halves – hull and deck - are laminated together.

To better cut through the waves in head seas and thereby reach a higher speed, the boat is designed almost totally straight with a clean transition to the foredeck. This also lengthens the waterline adding to boat speed.
In following seas the hull has been optimized in the stern to optimize the boats surfing qualities, allowing the boat to remain on the waves top for a longer period reaching a higher speed.